Lost Narrative Chart

The idea behind a narrative chart for a TV show, movie (or any other story) is to plot a character's location on the vertical axis and time on the horizontal. Randall Monroe at xkcd created what I believe to be the first charts of this kind. Check those out for sure because the LotR and Star Wars charts are very impressive and are the inspiration for this project.

My goal here is to create a similar chart for the entirety of Lost. As of right now I am just about done with season 1 and you can see that chart below. I have been watching through each episode of Lost and drawing the chart on an iPad using Adobe Ideas. The end result will have important events marked on the chart with numbers that match up with a list of descriptions. I'll probably create 2 versions, one with characters' names labelled everywhere and one without.

Take a look at the season 1 chart below. Only includes the front half of the plane right now. Click for full resolution.

Below are all of the events covered in the Season 1 chart.

  1. Plane crash
  2. Jack, Kate, Charlie go to the cockpit
  3. Rouseau's message is heard on the radio
  4. Jack kills the US marshall
  5. Boar hunting for the first time
  6. Kate and Michael encounter the monster
  7. Locke sees the monster
  8. Jack sees the monster as his father
  9. Monster leads Jack in to the jungle
  10. Monster leads Jack to the caves
  11. First trip to the caves, find "Adam and Eve"
  12. First group moves to the caves
  13. Jack gets supplies
  14. Kate and Sayid leave to place antennaes
  15. Caves cave in on Jack
  16. Sawyer finds Kate to tell her about jack
  17. Sayid leaves to place his antenna
  18. Kate goes to see if Jack is okay
  19. Sayid gets knocked out
  20. Sawyer beats up Boone
  21. Jack confronts Sawyer for inhalers
  22. Charlie asks Hurley for peanut butter
  23. Sayid and Jack torture Sawyer
  24. Sayid leaves to "map the island"
  25. Claire and Charlie move to the caves
  26. Danielle captures Sayid
  27. First sign of Ethan at the caves
  28. Golf
  29. Sayid hears whispers
  30. Claire attacked at night
  31. Hurley talks to Ethan
  32. Claire leaves for "safer" beach
  33. Sayid returns
  34. Hugo reveals that Ethan was not on the flight
  35. Jack and Locke run off after Ethan, Charlie, Claire
  36. Kate, Boone, Locke join Jack in the search
  37. Ethan confronts Jack, Jack and Kate find Charlie
  38. Locke and Boone fInd the hatch
  39. Fuselage is washing away
  40. Locke knocks out Boone
  41. Boone hallucinates the monster killing Shannon
  42. Walt runs off
  43. Walt attacked by polar bear
  44. Claire returns
  45. Ethan knocks out Jin and confronts Charlie
  46. Vincent trips the alarm meant for Ethan and Ethan attacks
  47. Charlie kills Ethan
  48. Sawyer hears whispers
  49. Charlie and Hugo start burrying Ethan
  50. Walt burns raft
  51. Sun speaks english
  52. Hugo reads the numbers on Danielle's map
  53. Hugo leaves to find Danielle
  54. Hugo talks to Danielle about the numbers
  55. Locke and Boone try the trebuchet
  56. Locke dreams about the plane crash
  57. Lock and Boone find the crashed plane
  58. Plane falls with Boone in it
  59. The hatch window lights up for Locke
  60. Claire goes in to labor
  61. Shannon and Sayid spend time together alone
  62. Claire gives birth to Aaron
  63. Boone dies
  64. Boone gets buried
  65. Locke tells Sayid about hitting him on the head
  66. Jack sees the hatch for the first time
  67. Sun poisons Michael
  68. Walt tells Locke not to open "that thing"
  69. Danielle comes to the beach to warn that the others are coming
  70. The survivors see the black smoke from the others
  71. Sawyer tells Jack that he met his father
  72. First trip to the black rock
  73. Raft is launched
  74. Arzt explodes while handling the dynamite
  75. Danielle takes Aaron
  76. Charlie finds out that the plane was loaded with heroine
  77. Locke almost gets pulled in to a hole by the smoke monster, Kate throws in dynamite
  78. The hatch is blown open
  79. Michael shoots the only flare
  80. Walt abducted by Tom